VBZ rewards Daelmans with The Work Safety Vignette - Daelmans

vbz logo bWith much pride we can announce that we received The Work Safety Vignette from the Association of the Dutch Bakery and Confectionery Industry. This reward represents Daelmans Group continuous focus on occupational safety.

The Work Safety Vignette encourages companies in the confectionary sector to work continually towards improvements in occupational safety. This enables them to ensure safety in their organization and their work processes as well as compliance with the relevant laws and regulations. A strong focus on these safety changes leads to less work-related accidents, lower absenteeism and higher employee satisfaction. Hence, a logical next step for Daelmans to work together with BVZ and obtain the vignette.

VBZ (Association of the Dutch Bakery and Confectionery Industry)

VBZ is an association for manufacturers of cake, candy, chocolate and savoury bites. 110 companies are currently tied to VBZ. For more information about the association and the vignette, please visit www.vbz.nl.

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