Specialist in biscuits and pastry for private labels
We are the private label specialist in the biscuit and pastry market. We bring private labels onto the market for dozens of retail chains worldwide. They choose us thanks to the IFS and BRC certified bakeries, our strong values and our special range.

Working out successful ideas together
As an independent organization, we are able to anticipate your wishes quickly and flexibly. From the development of a new small cake to the lightening fast production in connection with a major campaign and the presentation of the product on the shelves

The main thing is we are there for your success! This means that we also think when it comes to packaging, logistics and marketing. We make products that fit in with your brand image, ensure that the deliveries take place on time and look to see how your brand can distinguish itself in the market.  Innovation and development are important factors in this. The development of our products are therefore also based on the most up-to-date knowledge of consumer needs and trends.

Why retail chains choose us:

  • We listen well to your needs and get to know your ideas.
  • We are strict when it comes to appointments and promises.
  • We ensure the required quality of the private label products.
  • We are aware of the market developments and help to think of new innovations.
  • We make new products with a strong position in the market.

How can you improve your sales and your return?
Are you looking for a partner to (further) improve your sales and your return in cakes and pastry? Then we would be pleased to discuss the possibilities with you. Contact one of our account managers in the Netherlands or abroad.