cakeje private label

We have developed a special product concept for small cakes. A small round baking tin is filled with a hard sponge cake base and topped with a magnificent fruit or pudding filling after which the baking tray is filled with all kinds of cake mixture After baking, we can finish off the cakes with various types of coating and decoration material. This product concept can be used to create a very wide range of small cakes.

Anticipating seasons and themes can be the key to opportunities for extra sales!

Get in contact with account management to discuss the private label possibilities.

A peep at our range:

Product Description
Oranje Hoogstandjes Coconut cakes filled with orange and finished with orange coating and red, white and blue hundreds and thousands.  Oranje-Hoogstandjes
Confettinis Light and fresh little cakes finished with rose-coloured coating and coloured chocolate balls.  Confettinis
Small apricot cakes Vanilla cakes filled filled with apricots and finished with a white and brown cocoa coating.  Abricozencakejes
Strawberry cream cakes Small butter cakes filled with strawberries and finished with a rose-coloured coating.  Aardbeien Roomcakejes
Small coconut cream cakes Small butter cakes filled with raspberries and finished with a brown cocoa coating.  Choco-Roomcakejes