Our range of coconut pastry is extremely varied. We process both fine and larger coconut pieces in our macaroons, rings and rochers. After baking, we can decorate the products with powdered sugar or cocoa decorations and cover or embellish them with real Belgian pure chocolate. We can offer our chocolate or cocoa products UTZ-CERTIFIED.

Get in contact with account management to discuss the private label possibilities.

A peep at our range:

Product Description
Choco-coconut balls Coconut balls with larger coconut pieces half covered with real Belgian pure chocolate or cocoa coating.  kokosbanket-01
Coconut wreaths Coconut wreaths in various qualities and formats.  kokosbanket-02
Coconut rochers Cut coconut rochers with larger coconut pieces.  kokosbanket-03
Cocolinos Coconut macaroons decorated with real Belgian pure chocolate or cocoa coating.  kokosbanket-04
Coconut macaroons Lush traditional coconut macaroons in various formats.  kokosbanket-05
Palermos Coconut wreaths baked on a hard sponge cake base and filled with fabulous strawberry jam.  kokosbanket-06
Zebra rochers Coconut rochers decorated with real pure Belgian chocolate or cocoa coating in various formats.  kokosbanket-07
Mini snow rochers Mini coconut rochers with a sprinkling of powdered sugar.  kokosbanket-08