Pastries are a much-eaten and traditional delicacy over the various seasons. Our Speculoos was the best in tests and our filled Speculoos emerged as the best pastry variant in a test by Consumentenbond (2012). Did you know that sales of Speculoos are successful all year round?

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A peep at our seasonal range:

Speculaas biscuits Spicy and crumbly Speculoos. Gevuld-Speculaas-_voor-onderdeel-seizoensproducten-r
Filled Speculaas Butter or margarine pastry, with a rich pastry filling and with almond shavings if desired. Gevuld-Speculaas-_voor-onderdeel-seizoensproducten
Speculoos dolls Crispy and spicy Speculoos in traditional doll form. Speculaaspop-_voor-onderdeel-seizoensproducten-r
Pastry rolls Magnificent filling covered with puff pastry Available in various qualities. Banketstaafjes_voor-onderdeel-seizoensproducten-r