Our business and our way of working can easily be summarized as follows:

Original Dutch

Our business can justifiably be called “originally Dutch”. The baker Hermanus Daelmans set up the business in which the family still plays an important role. Typical Dutch values are applied throughout the family business:  conviviality, mercantile spirit, thriftiness and with both feet on the ground. And of course, the Netherlands is seen as a cake country par excellence!


We like accepting challenges and our creative powers always enable us to come up with a solution. Our knowledge of trends and new (packaging) possibilities are extremely important here just like conceptual thinking and thinking outside the box, i.e., being original.


The original Dutch industrial spirit of the Daelmans family lives in our organization. We see and create new chances and grab these with both hands. We go for growth and innovation. We want to conquer the world!


Enthusiasm is in our genes. We passionately fulfil our role within the baker’s profession. It goes without saying that we have known everything of the market and the profession for over a hundred years. You can see our passion for the profession in everything that we do. We work for you with inspiration and enthusiasm, with the commitment, high-level service and quality that you may expect of a partner. We are proud to produce your brand and enjoy thinking with the customer in mind.


We go for long-term relations both with our staff and our customers. We also manage this mainly by being ourselves. This seems extremely simple but this is the power behind our cooperation. Personal consideration for everyone, consistency, genuineness, no nonsense and respect are characteristic of our business.